Our Cru Bourgeois Family

La Cardonne, Griviere, Ramafort. Three names, three châteaux, three Crus Bourgeois classified vineyards who, for three centuries, have consistently produced elegant award winning Médoc wines. It is on the highest plateau in the Médoc where the trio sit proudly with commanding views over perfectly manicured vines.
Our unique know-how is transmitted from generation to generation, to our wonderful terroir.
We are incredibly fortunate and are quite proud of the fact that our wines are instantly recognizable among their peers.

Additional Château Wines

Produced on the same terroir as our Cru Bourgeois wines, our three other château wines receive the same love and attention. They generally rise to their optimum maturity a few years earlier than their elder bothers, and typify what we love most about every day drinking Médoc wines.

Sustainable agriculture, long-term vitality of our soils, maintaining biodiversity and being environmentally conscious are integral in all our thoughts on the journey from each vine to each glass.